About me

Welcome to my recipe blog "Come On in My Kitchen"!

My name is Stefanie Stephan and I am mom, wife, hobby cook and amateur photographer from the beautiful Swabia (Baden-Württemberg).

Recipes for everyday life

My kitchen is versatile, with a tendency for simple, healthy and everyday food. Only what my 3 boys (husband and twin boys) taste at home, lands later on the food blog. Most of my recipes are prepared quickly, which is important in my everyday life: with small children you can often not spend hours in the kitchen.

Seasonal & regional Products

Varied, as good as it gets seasonal and tasty it must be! The most important thing for us are fresh products. Most of the products we buy at the weekly market (vegetables/fruits) or directly from the farmer (for example, the eggs directly in the neighboring village). In the supermarket we also prefer regional products. Of course, that does not always work. Whenever we are looking for a raspberry outside of the season, sometimes I turned a blind eye and, of course, I also buy for my exotic recipes in the Asian shop.

International recipes, vegetarian or vegan?

As far as my recipes are concerned, I am always open to new things. I get inspiration from recipe magazines, cookbooks, parents/parents-in-law (well-tried recipes are the best), restaurant visits and cookery shows on tv. I love the different cuisine, so here you will find from the Swabian German cuisine, delicious dishes beyond all continents. Even vegetarian and vegan recipes will find their way into our menu and then, of course, on „Come On in My Kitchen“.

Sugar reduced & Sugar alternatives

After the birth of my twin boys, I started to cook and bake with reduced sugar and/or use sugar alternatives, which you will discover in some recipes. On the page „Kitchen tips“ you will soon find products that I like to cook and bake very often. There I also introduce you to sugar alternatives.

How it all started?

Cooking and baking has always been one of my passions. Just as the photographing and decorating. My sister had actually brought me to the idea of sharing my favorite recipes with the whole world. She had been in my ears so many times in 2017 until I first created an Instagram account for my food pictures and recipes. It was not until February 2018 that I decided to pass on my recipes in a nicer way to my readers. And I have no regrets, on the contrary: I am pleased with the great response, every feedback and every single like/comment. So at least my hobby has become a great work.

Do you like my recipe blog?

I hope you like my recipe collection. Let me leave a comment under my recipes, I’m always happy about that. And if you want to follow me in addition, by newsletter or my social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) you make me doubly happy.

You have already tried something from my blog? Then I’m happy about Instagram photos with the hashtag #come_on_in_my_kitchen. I’ll be happy to show you in my Instagram story.

Have fun browsing, cooking and baking.
Your Steffi ❤

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