Vanilla cherry bundt cake

This sponge cake is a tasty and fast alternative to the Black Forest cake. The fast-baked vanilla cherry bundt cake (without alcohol) is super airy and moist and tastes with the cherries and frosting just heavenly.

Pull Appard Bread with apples and ground cinnamon blossoms

This sweet Pull Apart Bread tastes heavenly. An airy tender yeast dough with delicious apple pieces. The Pull Apart Bread with apples and ground cinnamon blossoms goes well with coffee time or breakfast/brunch.

Citrus buttermilk cake from sheet

You can rarely resist a delicious citrus buttermilk cake, right? Here are several citrus fruits (oranges, blood oranges and lemons) united. Buttermilk makes the sponge cake particularly juicy, airy and light. An easy and fast prepared sponge cake from the sheet.

Hasselback potatoes with herb-garlic dip

The Swedish classic is suitable as a delicious, healthy meal or as a simple side dish to fish or meat. The crispy Hasselback potatoes with herb-garlic dip are also an eye-catcher on every plate.

Kale quiche

A hearty winter dish. This super delicious kale quiche is my tip for cold winter days. An extra portion of vegetables on a crispy dough. It tastes the whole family.

Vegetable tarte flambée

Fresh vegetables on a crispy tarte flambée dough. This vegetable tarte is the perfect recipe if you are looking for a quick and easy recipe. A successful recipe for a delicious tarte flambée dough, which is really easy to prepare.

Creamy cheese cake with berries

My absolute favorite cake. The perfect cheese cake must be creamy and taste like a hint of vanilla and lemon. Here I show you my cheesecake classic that tastes heavenly with and without fruity berry topping.

Cranberry vanilla liqueur cake

Sponge cake with “shot”: Everyone knows classic baileys cake or eggnog cake. I have another quick and easy sponge cake recipe, in which a delicious vanilla liqueur gives the very special vanilla note. This cranberry vanilla liqueur cake is fluffy, juicy and also very fruity thanks to the cranberries

Thai Fish Fondue (based on Tom Yam Gung)

[ Post contains advertising ] At the end of the year we traditionally have a sociable fondue. A cozy New Year’s Eve dinner with friends and/or family. Sometimes there is cheese fondue or meat fondue and occasionally fish fondue with many delicious side dishes. In this recipe, I’ll show you a super delicious Asian variant: Thai fish fondue based on Tom Yam Gung.

Hasselback baked apple with salted caramel, spekulatius cookies and vanilla ice cream

Are you looking for an ultra-fast and delicious Christmas or New Year’s Eve dessert? Of course I have something suitable, because these Hasselback baked apples are prepared in no time and simply taste heavenly wintry.

Buttery vanilla crescents like grandma’s

How it smells good: Vanilla crescents are a traditional Christmas cookies in Germany and Austria. The cookies are very tender and melt in the mouth. In this recipe you can replace refined sugar very well with healthy birch sugar.

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